One Lucky Girl

I am one lucky girl. Well, technically no longer a "girl," but a woman grown and retired from a 20 year career as a preschool teacher. Lucky because life is sweet and dreams do come true...

My wonderful husband Chris and I are pursuing a dream we have shared for many years. We are opening a store in our beloved historic Paducah. Frenchtown Station will offer unique pieces: antique and vintage, industrial and architectural, repurposed and reclaimed-all offered in a cool restored 1930s filling station.

The concept of a shop, of antiques, of "picking," is not a new one for me. On the contrary, I've come from a long line of antiquing royalty. In the early 1960s my mom opened Park Antiques. Some of my first steps were taken in that hallowed place. I cut my teeth on an old farm table. When I was eight, my mom shared an area of her shop to start my own antique book business.

My daddy was the original American Picker, and at age 88, could still give Mike and Frank a run for their money. Memories of picking with my dad flood my mind. Wading through cluttered houses and buildings, we came away with the most amazing things. The lessons he would impart about those wonderful finds are priceless to me after all those decades.

The appreciation and knowledge of this business is in our DNA. Beyond my parents, my sister, a true "chip off the ole block," is one of the finest pickers in the South. My little brother is knowledgable and gifted in design. 

Chris and I refinished our first piece of furniture when we were just teenagers. We considered a fun date to be a picnic lunch and an opportunity to go "junkin'". 

Our grown children, Caroline and Will, are the next generation in this lineage. They show an impressive understanding and appreciation for time-worn objects. Of course, we couldn't be more pleased. 

So...away we go! Our dream is now a reality: Frenchtown Station, established in 2017. Come see us!